App for Maharashtra HSC students to conduct geography surveys

As the students study from home this year, the state textbook bureau , BALBHARTI has created a mobile application for HSC students who need to carry out surveys as a part of geography syllabus. The mobile app will also help out the students easily collate the survey data for their final report.

As part of the class 12th geography syallabus, students have to conduct survey of 15 households. Until now students would use pen and paper for these surveys. “students are already using mobile phones for entertainment and now also for their distance learning sessions so, this is another good use students can put their mobiles to” not only the mobile app will help the students to conduct the surveys remotely, it will also collate all the data and be available to the students on an excel sheet. This is a better and more advanced way to do surveys and will help students understand the findings better said an official from balbharti

Called geosurvey and available on the google playstore and teachers have version for them as well. A week since it was launched over 1475 students and 557 teachers have downloaded and begum using the application. While there is a preloaded questionnaire made available on the app based on the practical as prescribed in the textbook, students will have the option of modifying it to suit their needs.

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