Bhavaralal Jain-A Successful Indian Entrepreneur

Bhavarlal Hiralal Jain was Indian Entrepreneur & chairman of Jain Irrigation System and it is second largest micro-irrigation company in world .He created big revolution from small ideas.

Bhavarlal Jain was born in 1973 in Jain Family, in wakod village of Jalgaon district, Maharashtra. At age of 23 he spurned offer of a civil service job to pursue agriculture. In 1963,Jain Started  Family Business of selling kerosene.& in 1972-74, he decided to revert his ancestral farm from 1980,he established a PVC pipe manufacturing.& then in 1987-88 ,He  setup a public corporation. He received so many awards for outstanding work in agriculture field. He was Second in Asian & first Indian to received Crawford Reid Award by Irrigation Association. He think that small farmers are good entrepreneur & they create higher income. He was a man of “karmayogi”.His thoughts was very good &he was influenced by “Ahimsa” & “ Aneantavad “of Jain teaching. A small town entrepreneur which creates a billion dollar& multinational corporation.

“Agriculture: a profession with bright future”, He inspired by this quote. He added dealership for tractors, sprinkler system, & farm equipment. His business grew from 1 million to 110 million from 1963 to 1978.He never shied from work. Education was very closed to his.He Believed in nurturing young with good education.

Jain was trustee of Jain charities, he dedicated organization to education & rural development. & the organization is known as ‘Bhavarlal & Kantabai Jain’ Foundation. Also he authored so many books in English & Marathi. Because of his unique style of management he thriving sustainable corporation, with 10,000 employing. & it is reflected in his books. The most heart touching story “Tee ani Mee” written in Marathi, Hindi & English on relationship with his wife. He always study new technologies & ready to adopt. People call him as ‘Bhau’ because he was very friendly & nature is too good for anyone. So His nature & energy has always amazed to younger Colleagues.

A committed environmental & Social worker -is no more!

Our beloved Chairman Shri Bhavarlal Jain at age of 79 passed away on 25th February 2016 fight with brief illness at hospital in Mumbai. Even he is no more but our hearts are gladded with his thoughts, we inherit his legacy & love for environment, that he is planted in each of us.

Author – Utkarsha Thombre

Date – 13/05/2020

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